Sharing, Caring & Learning Together


The Governing Body is made up of parents, staff and representatives of the local authority and members of the community. They are all volunteers who are committed to our work and have knowledge and expertise to share with us.

The Governing Body works with and supports the staff of the school to deliver the school’s vision, to ensure that the school is continuously improving and meet a number of statutory requirements.

You can find the names and pictures of the Governors in the school entrance hall. They meet as a whole group 6 times a year. They also have sub-committees which oversee all aspects of our provision.

To find out more about our Governing Body and how you might get involved, please speak to the Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher or one of our parent governors.

The Membership of the TLC Federation is made up of:

4 Parent Governors                                                                                                                                                           2 Staff Governors including the Headteacher                                                                                                                 1 Local Authority Governor                                                                                                                                               5 Co-opted Governors

Governor Name  Category Term of Office 
 Mrs Diane Lister Head Teacher  01.04.13
 Mr. Mahesh Yanambakkam Chair Person 30.01.18 
 Mrs Chris Neale Vice Chair & LA Governor 30.01.18
 Mrs Ros Duke Co-opted Governor  01.09.15
 Mrs Ruth Clark Co-opted Governor 01.09.16
 Mr. John Murphy Co-opted Governor 30.10.18
 Mrs Laila Serroukh Parent Governor 01.09.18
 Ms Pammi Dohil-Jheeta Parent Governor  01.09.18
 Mr. Clive Haines Associate Member 30.01.18
 Mrs Zoe Keating Associate Member  22.04.15 
 Miss Emma Lister  Associate Member 04.09.17
 Mrs Samina Butt Clerk 01.09.13


Business Interests
Name Nature of Interest  Date from which invovled 
Mrs Chris Neale School HR Provider January 2014
Mr John Murphy School Maintenance  January 2012 
Governors At Other Educational Establishments
Mrs Clive Haines Governor Services
Mr. Mahesh Yanambakkam Chair of Governor September 2017
Governors with Relationship to Staff
Mrs Diane Lister Parent September 2015
Mrs Emma Lister Daughter September 2017

Minutes of Governors Meetings




Priority Number of 
Possible Meetings 
Number of 
Meetings Attended
 Mrs Diane Lister,  Headteacher    6 4  
 Mr. Clive Haines, Chair Person       30.01.18
 Mr. Mahesh Yanambakkam,     Chair Person   6 4  
 Mrs Chris Neale, Vice Chair &   LA Governor Health & Safety  6 3  
 Mr. Kevin Redman-Brown,
 Vice Chair & L.A.
 Mrs Debbie Figg, Co- Opted  Governor Resources     31.01.17
 Mrs Christine Rose, Co-Opted  Governor

SEN /Health & Safety

 Mrs Ros Duke, Co-Opted  Governor Safeguarding/SEND 6 4  
 Mr. Mahesh Yanambakkam
 Co-opted Governor
Standards/SEND/website     30.01.18
 Mrs Ruth  Clark, Co-Opted  Governor Pupil Premium/Website     30.09.18
 Miss Trudie Gunter, Co-Opted  Governor Resources      12.02.19
Mr. John Murphy, Co-opted Governor Pupil Premium 6 4  
 Mrs Jagjit Nagra, Staff  Governor        31.03.17
 Mrs Debbie Figg, Staff  Governor       30.09.18
 Mr Samir Damle, Parent  Governor         14/06/17
 Mrs Afreen Nauman, Parent  Governor       30.09.18
 Ms Laila Serroukh, Parent   Governor Resources 6 1  
 Ms Pammi Dohil-Jheeta,   Parent Governor Safeguarding 6 2  
 Mrs Brigid Wilkes, Associate  Governor        31.03.17
 Mr. Clive Haines, Associate   Governor   6  0  
 Mrs Zoe Keating, Associate  Governor   6 4  
 Miss Emma Lister, Associate   Governor   6 4  
Mrs Samina Butt, Clerk  Temporary Clerk  6 4 30.01.18