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What Our Parents Say

I consider Chalvey Nursery as a home from home; it is filled with colour, fun and opportunities for the children to learn. Above all, the children are able to slowly blossom into confident little beings, aided by well-educated staff that demonstrate that sincerity, passion and love for what they do.

I would definitely recommend Chalvey Nursery as my daughter has really enjoyed her time there. Speaking to my nieces and nephews about the nursery I have found that most of the things you do as a whole, other nurseries don’t do. I have enjoyed going through the book with my daughter, knowing and understanding what she is learning, plus she enjoys expressing herself and telling me what she has been doing whilst looking at the pictures, it’s also a good form of communication between the nursery and parents. Also, I’ve moved to Wexham and would have picked a nursery nearby, but due to the fact that I am happy with this nursery I will be sending my son also! The communication with the teachers is also very helpful.

Staff is very friendly and we can count on them.

Children have a lot of activities and that keeps them busy. We like how you organise time for our children.  Learning Journey book – great idea – lots of memories. Children are happy to bring their reading book home and read it with us.

They are happy with trips to park and Asda. I think the most favourite is the Mini Bus.

We are very pleased with Zoolab and Farm. Children love it

We are happy nursery celebrates all occasions from Chinese New Day to Polish Child Day. It teaches our children to have respect for other cultures and learn more about it.

We are always very well informed about any events in nursery by newsletter and text alert.

You have offered excellent levels of care and support in the time we have been with you.

We would like to thank you for always smiling and Mrs Diane Lister for building a great team. Thank you to all staff members for all your help..