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Most of the recording and assessment of your child’s progress takes place while they are doing practical tasks and activities. Children at this age, learn by playing and exploring, and through creative and critical thinking which takes place both indoors and outside.

A careful record of each child’s development is kept by his/her Key Worker. Staff continuously observe children, collect samples of their work, write observations, record their particular interests and take photographs of individual children engaged in their work (play). These are then put into each child’s Record of Achievement book which is shared with parents. We encourage parents to look at these books, write in them about their child, their child’s interests and home life. The Record of Achievement book is given to the child at the end of their time in Nursery.

The record keeping process enables staff to:

  • Ensure continuity of learning from home to school
  • Build up a clear picture of each child as an individual
  • Plan effectively for children’s learning as individuals or in small groups

All parents have the opportunity to speak to staff at any time about their child’s progress and at certain times will be invited to discuss their child’s progress in detail. Just prior to your child leaving nursery we will write a detailed profile about your child.

We also have lots of extra things happening in nursery to help widen the children’s experiences. For example we hold an annual funday, have a mobile zoo visit us & have a mobile farm come in the spring term.

Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum